A study in contrasts of color and feel - from dark cool Maine waters, to light sky warm with the breaking sun - from solitude to a greater universe - from spiritual to real....
Original oil on canvas
Private Collection -
17"W X 26.5"H - 
Giclee on canvas                  $595.
A study in color -  that split second when the setting sun creates a rainbow of reflection on the waters of Key West......serenity and beauty inspired by nature. Original in Oil.
Giclee on canvas -  18"W X 14H"  -   $495.
"Eagle River" Alaska
A Zen place for sure - lapping water, incredible mountains and glaciers, sounds from the sea life and woods -a spiritual experience for any visitor.
Original oil on canvas 24"H X 30"W 
Giclee on canvas                       $595.
"Sunset on Gastineau Channel"
The fish and the eagles have retired for the day, and for one brief moment, the entire setting sun is reflected in a pool of very cool water in Alaska.
Original oil on canvas 24W X 36H. $1600.
Giclee on canvas                    $595.
At beautiful Auke bay in Alaska,  the colorful sky changes each moment and the echoes of sea lions and whales fill the air.  Original oil - Private Collection - 
30"W X 22"H -
Giclee on canvas                  $595.
"Love in the Afternoon, 1947"  
Revisit the romance of the forties.  The WWII sailor has returned from the Pacific and built his boat in the family boat shop.  Now its time for the ride of his life.....
Original Oil 40"W X 30"H 
Giclee on canvas                   $595.
"Securing the Lines" 
Gastineau Channel, Juneau AK.
Looking up at the curve of the ship's bow was interesting to me.
It contrasts with the linear shapes of the covered walkway, yet repeats the curve of the mountains across the channel.
Original oil  14"W X 11"H -    $700
Giclee on canvas - $295
"Arriving in Port"
Surreal morning at the dock as a cruise ship appears out of the silence and fog to make the sharp turn into the Juneau, Alaska, port. 
14"W X 11"H
Original oil $700
Giclee on canvas                      $295.
"Piano at Provincetown" 
Viewed from the upper deck of a wine bar, the psychedelic painted piano sat on the beach.  A local character would play....beaches, bars, bohemians, Bach, Buffett - it doesn't get any better.....
Giclee on canvas 18"X18"            $395.
Original Oil painting - $950.
"Nubble Light" 
This lighthouse in York Beach in Maine is well known by native Yankees, photographers, bathers and lovers.  A serene autumn day on the chilly coast after summer's over.
Original privately owned.
Giclee on canvas  - 20"W X 16"H  -                 $295
"Fjord with Tree"
Tracey Arm in Alaska has many wonders.  Silt makes the water turquoise. Boats glide through the waters past icebergs, glaciers, and echoes of the calls of wildlife...
Original acrylic 18W X 24H.      $800.  
Giclee on canvas                       $295.
"Whale Tails"
Watching from a small boat, the incredible sight of whales feeding and playing in the cold waters of Alaska.  Sunlight sprinkled through the haze to make an incredible scene remembered in this painting.
Original $700      
Giclee on canvas -11"H X 14"W  -$295
This reminder of the ocean is a bit contemporary in its teal and green simplicity.  The lone seagull invites the viewer to fly away.....good piece for home or office daydreaming.
Original acrylic (30W X 36H -
private collection)
Giclee on canvas                $595.
"The Band Rocked On"
Imagine that the instruments play what they want to when the musicians go home after a gig.
Looks like they are jamming with a martini ~ 
Rock on!  Original acrylic on canvas 
Private Collection - 36" Square - 
Giclee on canvas                  $595.
Sitting by the window looking at a snowstorm raging in the Back Bay of Boston, MA.  Buildings blurred in the snow at twilight, the ancient tree creaked in the wind... fireplace & cocoa warm the soul
Original oil - 24"W X 30"H       $1600.
Giclee on canvas                   $595
A walk with the dog through the woods just before spring led to this snowy painting of the melting waters rushing to the river amid the still trees.  
Oil on canvas - 27.5"W X 23"H -  $1600.
Giclee on canvas                      $595.
"Fresh Fish and Roses; Seaside"
This colorful and fun painting evokes memories of salt water, summer breezes, butter dripping, shells and rocks crunching under foot....
Acrylic on canvas 
- 18W X 24"H - $700
Giclee on canvas                      $395.
"Christmas Cactus"
This bloom was dangling from an ancient cactus in the light of a frosted window-beautiful hot pinks and sexy reds waiting to show off for the holiday festivities. 
Original acrylic on canvas 
24"W X 30"H                       
Giclee on canvas                    $595
The lone peach flower takes center stage in this stylized portrayal of one branch of the tropical plant.....the rest of the background is softly muted.
Original acrylic (30"square - private collection)
Giclee on canvas                  $595.
"Alaskan Pansies"
These oversize pansies with their distinctive faces remind me of "grumpy old men".  Striking on a black background -  24"W X 30H" -
Original acrylic on canvas        $1100
Giclee on canvas                     $595.
"After the Bath; Kristin and the Puppies"
The steady gaze holds the viewer captive in this warm portrayal of "puppy love".
Much more going on behind the beautiful green eyes. Private Collection.
Typical of weathered Cape Cod, the  blue hydrangea continues to be adored.  Since this one was Mom's plant, she owned the original painting.
Original oil 42"W X 30"H
Giclee on canvas        $595.

Original Oil and Acrylic Paintings 
s l johnson, Artist
Giclees, Notecards, Antique Frames