Original Oil and Acrylic Paintings 
s l johnson, Artist
Giclees, Notecards, Antique Frames
Double click here to add textMom's Iced Tea......

It's summer and hot ,and thoughts of cool iced tea suddenly appear. Seemed like a good idea to replicate my Mother's recipe to sip while working on the latest painting and before the afternoon sun is too warm to do anything productive.  As with most of us who had Moms who were great cooks,  there doesn't seem to be a way to replicate the taste of our Mother's cooking.  There is something comforting and nostalgic about trying, however!
I am not a painter of still life subjects, but every now and then I see something that looks like it should be a painting or just looks like "home"......so I take a picture.....and sip the tea while I move on to paint some beach scenes.